Hello, I'm

Liam McMains

Software Engineer






FYCit is the only app for awards voters and guild members to find awards screenings and events happening in Los Anglees, New York, and virtually online. Mobile app built with Flutter with a web-based admin interface built with React.

Smart Kanban

Smart Kanban is a workflow management tool built on top of the ethereum blockchain. Smart Kanban was created as a proof of concept research project for Toyota Motor North America along with 7 other UTD students. I was the lead front-end engineer on the project using React, TypeScript, Styled Components, and Redux. People use Smart Kanban to facilitate their work environment and orchestrate their processes.


Workout Performance Analysis -- Wodage tracks, analyzes, and provides crucial data on your fitness performance. By using state-of-the-art data analysis Wodage provides you the information you need to take your fitness to the next level.

PT Plus

PT Plus is a a virtual-reality physical therapy application for patients with decreased range of motion in the neck and surrounding area. The application was built on Unity, SteamVR, and Google Firebase.


The MemoryView app enables family members to communicate with their loved ones through the pictures they take every day of themselves. Pictures are uploaded to the system with an easy to use smartphone application. The photos can then be viewed on a MemoryViews enabled smart TV.


RotoHive is a new type of weekly fantasy sports tournament that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. RotoHive users are asked to submit their fantasy player rankings for a slate of games and then compared against live results. I was responsible for constructing the entirety of the front-end website, integrating with the ethereum blockchain, designing user interfaces and user experiences, and managing the database and authentication layer of the application over the summer of 2018.


Dribe is a revolutionary new way to drive a car in Denmark. Instead of leasing or buying, have the freedom to change your car whenever you want. I worked on the Dribe mobile app for three months at Mutual Mobile over the summer of 2017. I was responsible for implementing front-end designs in react native, adding the authentication and authorization layer, building a computer vision system to scan and validate foreign driver's licenses, and integrating verification services with international government systems.